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Receiving a seal is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning in the art of sumi-e. Many artists continue their studies by becoming members of the Sumi-e Artists of Canada, including artists from other sumi-e schools. Students taking classes can also become members. The members form an invaluable source of sumi-e knowledge and contacts. Several members are instructors and well-known artists in the Toronto community.

Photos from workshops and shows demonstrates what it is like to be a member and participate in workshops and shows.

Members receive a newsletter which keeps them informed of sumi-e activities. They are entitled to a reduced rate for workshops, where they can continue to develop their skills. Frequently they are contributors to the art exhibitions listed in the events, including the annual show of sumi-e paintings. All members of the executive are members.  

Cost: $40.00 per year
First year is free to those who just received their seal.