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Chinese Zodiac with Baoxing Zhang

All of the animals in the Chinese zodiac have been painted by Baoxing Zhang. The 12 year cycle of the zodiac has web sites that explain how the year might develop based on interpretations of an animal's nature for a specific year. The rat or mouse is considered versatile and resourceful.

Baoxing Zhang also painted a modern mouse.

The ox is believed to be honest and reliable.

Baoxing Zhang's ox is playful in this painting.

The tiger is brave and adventurous.

This version of the tiger by Baoxing Zhang captures the spirit of the animal.

Did you know that the rabbit is thought to be clever and kind?

This version of the rabbit shows the animal with its favourite food.

The dragon is the only mythical animal that is found in the Chinese zodiac.

The dragon is believed to be enthusiastic and confident.

The snake like all the animals in the zodiac has some good characteristics. The snake is believed to be wise and communicative.

This painting of the snake is completed by leaves.

The horse is energetic as shown in this painting.

Baoxing Zhang captures the nature of this animal by showing the horse's vitality.

The sheep or goat is calm and gentle. Like many of the animals, the word for the goat in Chinese is like the goat itself with its horns.

This playful goat is enhanced by some minor details like grass.

The monkey is quick-witted and smart.

In this painting, the monkey is shown in a thoughtful gaze.

The rooster is the only bird in the zodiac. Baoxing Zhang created an expressive rooster. The rooster is believed to be hard working.

Here is a proud, crowing to heaven rooster.

The dog is considered likeable and loyal.

By adding a flower, Baoxing Zhang creates a relation between the dog and the plant.

The pig has a modest nature apparently.

This pig from Baoxing Zhang seems quite contented.